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this game is to scary for me

this game is to scary for me

This game scared the absolute pants off me. I beat it the first time, but missed the text that appeared when you beat it. I played it a couple times and had a good laugh when I glitched the game and was flying and when a clown went through a wall.

honk honk lol had a good laugh!

Hello this is ReapeeRon and I made a video about this game, and a few other killer clown games that I found on this website.  This one was probably the best of the three that I played, but it was very short so that is why I included it with 2 other games.  Hope you enjoy!

I love the game, great graphics and very creepy. You did a wonderful job. I would rate this game a 20/10. Loved it.

I wish the game was longer! Also more clowns and more clown activity would be awesome! The only other improvements I would like to see implemented into the game would be a bigger house and more ambient noise to make things more tense! But overall I enjoyed it!   

Hello, I like the black and white style graphics, and atmosphere, but I think a few more levels, and make the clowns more active Like what SpeedTunerz said would be nice.

This game... surprisingly got me caught into it! I have no idea how but the way you made this game, I actually enjoyed it! You can check out my video and try and understand why XD

3D TV VR box google cardboard video Side by Side SBS stereoscopic 3D  Clown House

Hello Creator,

The Atmospheric Of The Game Is Amazing But Still Need A Few Improvements,More On The Clowns If They Could Just Be More Active.

Keep Up The Good Work! =)

And Please Check Out My Video Cause I Really Appreciate All The Support! =)

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Hello everyone!

I know it's been out for a while now, But here i am with a gameplay video :D 

I love that the game is in black and white :D The clown mechanics could use some work.

Curious what they are going to do with Clown House 2
( dev? Is clown house 2 still coming? )

Wish you all a awesome day!

Pretty cool visual style.

With a bigger house and more faster moving clowns this could have been a really fun game. Not bad tho for a few minutes of fun. Looking forward to Clown House 2...