A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You are a vampire who longs to be mortal once again.

Game rules

  • Collecting goblets increase your humanity. You win the game when you become mortal.
  • Your blood (health) constantly decreases, so you need to feed from the villagers. But you lose humanity when you do this, you lose the game if you lose your all humanity.
  • Crosses harm you. You are a vampire, after all.
  • You mustn't violate the boundaries of the graveyard. Because you are cursed to stay there.


Pixel arts and programming is made by Ahmet Kamil Keles. The original game idea was created at GGJ 2022 by the theam that consisted of Abdullah Fırat, Ahmet Kamil Keles, Cem Ege Gür, Cemre Uyanık, Şeyma Çelik.

Technical Details

Game is developed with C++ and Raylib. Source code is open.


DotU Win64 24.05.2022 A.zip 934 kB
DotU Linux 23.05.2022 A.zip 2 MB

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