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Ouija seems neat! My only complaint is that once I ask a certain amount of questions in the 'Ouija' story, the Ouija board simply starts responding with moons or nonsense. Is there a way to progress in the game beyond this?

You have to say it Goodbye to progress in the game.

Moon has a special meaning in the occult, it means that the spirit is evil. The random letters are made to make the spirit more unpredictable.

Spooky collection.

Just did a let's play on this game i really enjoy it!


I made an LP on After Death so I got excited when you released this game.

Like After Death, The story is very well made and thanks for not adding creepy backgrounds in the game.

I'm gonna make an LP on every single story. Can't wait to read the rest of the stories.


I like it A LOT so far. I did an LP on it. Thinking about doing another soon. GREAT JOB!!!