A downloadable game for Windows

This is a game I made in 2012. I'm uploading here the updated version.

Ahmet's Zombie Chess is a modificated version of the classical chess that everybody knows. Black set represent zombies and an evil kingdom which uses zombies as pawns.

The most important difference is about the zombie infection. When a black pawn captures a white piece, the white piece doesn’t die, but turns into a black pawn (zombie).

You can play Ahmet's Zombie Chess againts AI (single-player) or a friend that shares the same computer with you (hotseat multiplayer).


If you liked this game, take a look at my current project, Pawn of the Dead.  It's a 3D game with a similar rule-set of Ahmet's Zombie Chess. Captured White pieces turn into Black ones in Pawn of the Dead, too.


AhmetsZombieChessV1.3.zip 770 kB


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Deleted 178 days ago

Strange, I tried to download the zip and it opened for me. Can you try again?

I think Avast virus scanner was holding it for questioning. It came back clean so it released it.