About the Game

Meet your beloved Corona-chan!

They love you and want to cherish you so much!

Do you want to give it a shot?

Your choices decides your fate!

There is a mini game at one of the paths, hope you enjoy it!

The story is not really about COVID-19, the game is an entry to a jam whose theme was "virus".


Design: Gökçe Gamlı

Programming: Ahmet Kamil Keleş

2D Art: Sercan Uysal, Göksu Gamlı, Mehmet Emin Sarıhan, Aslı Gençtürk

Music: Enes Kaynakcı


Corona-Chan Windows v1.0.zip 30 MB


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"I ain't come for no corona light, I'm here to drink some corona LITE"



Bu oyun Bu oyun bi garip gerçekten jumpscare yemediğime şükrettim.



This game fucking scares me

I Saw BiijuMike Play This

what code are yall guys talking about?


i broke upwit her xD

lol imaa do dat

who dosn't

found this cuz of YuB

me too lmao



me too!,

The fact the game gives me friends in the first place


code is 1125

how get code place


great game i kind of broke the game


Honestly, that basement is not worse than my current room, and if a girl I loved set me up with a new room, tended to all my needs, and put a nice 3 inch thick steel door between me and the outside world, I'd probably ask her to marry me right then and there. Although, technically I'm a yandere too, so I might just be biased... :p

Anyway, lovely game. There's not enough games where you actually get to choose to live happily with a yandere. ^^

ummmm are u ok dude?



The code please? I blocked

It's the date when they met. It's written in the journal of Corona-Chan.


lol hehe good game but..........that buff dude was not fit for that outfit😂


You're fucking wrong. >:(

Puhahaha I didn't expect this

i scared... so did corona-chan kidnap me or wut (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)

(luv that florist tho XD)


Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here:


1. It was a pretty fun experience. I liked how strange it was. Corona chan is a perfect yandere character. It reminded my of Monika a lot by their posture and of Yuna Gasai by the basement XD

2. I loved that there were several endings. It made me replay the game a couple of times and I am pretty sure I haven't reached all the outcomes (I found like 3).


1. Well, there was no horror aspect at all. The game was so funny and strange - you couldn't get to feel the creeps. Maybe some spooks would help.

2. I guess that there were not so many connections to the corona. If you think about it the virus would want you not to stay isolated but absolute opposite. So that was a bit weird. I think the lore could be a bit improved.


A fun experience. I am glad I played the game) Still, I think there is room for improvement.

Hope my feedback was useful!

yuh. resmen türk.


Oyuna Türkçe gelirse ciddi anlamda oturup, bu oyunu bitirebilirim.

oh no, no, this is a big problem oh no

oh man, I dont know wether I should play this or not, like, what kind of game is it? pure sheer parody? does it have anything more? is the humour good?

I might just play it one day and find out lmao


proudly got all the time ending i love corona chan



emeklerinize sağlık çok tatlı bir oyun olmuş.Ayrıca böyle yerlerde Türkleri görmek de çok güzel.Çalışmalarınızın devamını bekliyorum.



nice metaphor for a bad relationship.

(2 edits) (+1)

Yandere Simulator just got a whole new meaning for Love SICK!

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cool game! i liked it so much!