A Ludum Dare game that's inspired from Vampire Survivors, but differs from it with side scrolling and flying mechanic.

Your objective is to protect the baby unicorn from evil spirits as long as you can. You fire projectiles at the enemies automatically. Each time you level up, you can either increase the attack speed or heal the unicorn. Oh, and you can fly!

New enemy variant is introduced after the 3:30. And there is an evitable Death at the 7:00, which marks the end of the game.


You are a benevolent witch that lives in a cursed realm where the evil roams free.

One day you found a newborn unicorn who had just lost her mother. Dark spirits are the natural foes of the unicorns. It's clear who killed the mother unicorn. What killed the mother is pursuing the newborn, as well.

You swore that you'll protect the baby unicorn, the innocence, from the evil that are after her. Even though you know you will not succeed.


Everything besides the font is developed by Ahmet Kamil Keleş. The font is FFF Forward by FFF Team.


Cursed Unicorn Mac PostJam 20.04.2022.zip 35 MB
Cursed Unicorn Linux PostJam 20.04.2022.zip 26 MB
CursedUnicorn Windows PostJam 20.04.2022.zip 26 MB

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Nice game, beat it on the second try, it feels a bit premature though, the ending.


Very nice game!