You are a vampire. Collect the goblets and bring them to your coffin to get rid of your curse of undeath. You need to feed from the villagers, who escape from you. But the more you feed from the villagers, the more you get closer to the point where you lose your conscience and lose the game.


"Blood sucker", they call you. "Creature of the night". You are potent and fast, but you didn't choose this unlife.

In the duality between life and unlife, you always wanted to taste the pleasures that life brings. Rather than being jailed in the coldness of the graveyard you are cursed to spend the eternity.

There are goblets in the graveyard, bringing them to your coffin will carry you closer to Deliverance from the unlife.

You still need to feed from the villagers. But if you feed too much, you will turn into a monster without any willpower. Drinking blood gets you closer to unlife.


Abdullah Fırat

Ahmet Kamil Keleş

Cem Ege Gür

Şeyma Çelik

Kenney's Assets

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