In 1988, 13 scientists accidentally summoned a demon in the Arctic. You are that demon. You possess a random scientist every 10 seconds. Unleash your wrath upon the mankind!


This is a Ludum Dare 51 compo entry made by Ahmet Kamil Keles. The theme was "Every 10 seconds". Everything (except for font) is made by me. Unity, Aseprite, Chiptone were used. I tried to give an authentic Commodore 64 look.

Thanks to Kivanc Yucel for the game's idea.


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It loops too fast, barely time to see my grade.

Hmm, by "looping too fast" do you mean the grade part of the game? Game restarts when you press any key.

Please add real C64 version. ;-)

I wish it was easy, it would take a tremendous time to make the game for C64, as I don't know C64 programming :(