You always fought against the aliens who were trying to invade our Earth. But what if you were the alien?

You must reach Earth without getting hit by Earth defense. There are 7 levels. You control your ship with arrow (or A-D) keys for computers.

In some levels, you control two ships. One of the ship's controls are reversed.

There is slow-time power-up in some levels.


For computers, if you press Left Shift + F1, you pass the level.


Programming: Ahmet Kamil Keleş

2D Art: Sercan Uysal

Music: Korcan Karaokçu


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Hahaha ilk başta açıklamaya bakmadan  ufoyu  mermilere çarpıştırmamız gerekiyor zannettim,  dedim ki o kadar vurdum niye geçilmiyor bu level :D

Nice work ! 

y o u   s a v e d   e a r t h   f r o m   t h e   m a n k i n d !         nice game